Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Морско право

Maritime law governs the legal regime of the world ocean, the statute of the marine space and everything related to it between the countries in the use and protection of the world ocean, and also the public relations that arise in connection with merchant shipping and its control, the requirements to the ship and transport documents, the rights and obligations of captains and the crews, the contracts for carriage of cargoes, passengers and luggage, the property rights with regard to the ships, the charter parties, the contracts for insurance of ships and cargoes, the emergencies onboard the ship, maritime and river rescue and other relations connected with shipping and its safety.

In this extensive framework of international acts and national legislation, the qualified legal assistance is of exceptional importance and we can render it to you!

In this respect, we offer the following services:

– Advice in the field of maritime law

– Assistance in case of arrests of ships and cargoes and their release

– Legal assistance in case of transport disputes

– Advice and legal assistance in cases of ship sales, charters and mortgages

– Legal defence of seafarers, shipowners, and agents

– Bringing actions for unpaid remunerations, disbursements, and freightage

– Advice on contracts for carriage and other maritime services

– Advice and legal defence in insurance cases related to labour at sea and in port

– Assistance in the event of non-performance of carriage contracts