Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Insurance law governs the business of insurance and reinsurance; the business of distribution of insurance and reinsurance products, including the business of insurance and reinsurance intermediation; the conditions for commencement and termination of the insurance activities; the rules of distribution of insurance products and settlement of insurance claims; the insurance contract; the compulsory insurance; the rescue, liquidation and bankruptcy of an insurer or reinsurer; the insurance supervision.

In the relations between an insurer and an insured person disputes often arise. In most cases, they are about the amount and payability of insurance indemnity.

The specialists from our office represent insured persons in case of bringing insurance claims and actions against insurers. They represent and insurers and insurance brokers.

Our clients are leading Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers, and that’s why we have the experience and self-confidence to provide to you the highest standard of service!

In this respect, we offer the following services:

– Advice on insurance contracts

– Assistance in the registration of damages before an insurer

– Assistance in the payment of insurance compensations by an insurer

– Bringing actions against insurers and legal representation

– Preparation of statements of claim and legal representation in claim proceedings under the Insurance Code

– Rendering legal aid and assistance to victims of road accidents