Administrative Law & Tax Law

Administrative Law & Tax Law

Административно право - Данъчно право

Administrative Law

The administrative law is one of the main branches of law that contains the rules of organisation and operation of the government administration and of the general government. This branch governs the specific relations between the legal entities which emerge in the process of organisation of implementation of the executive function of the government bodies, as well as the legal status of the other entities under the administrative law, the natural persons and their organisations.

In this multiformity of legal relations between the State and the natural persons and the legal entities, qualified legal aid is often needed. It is very common that there are unlawful administrative acts issued by a government body or unlawful refusals to issue such acts. In such cases, the specific rules and deadlines under the Administrative Procedure Code must be observed, so as to protect the infringed rights in a due and timely manner. We will take care of that!

In this respect, we offer the following services:

– Advice in the field of administrative law

– Protests and contestation of unlawful administrative acts

– Appeal of administrative penalties

– Preparation of applications for issuance of administrative acts

– Defence against unlawful actions of the administration

– Legal representation in administrative litigation

Tax Law

The tax law governs the public relations connected with the statutory taxes in the country, the procedure for their determining, appeal and collection.

The main types of taxes in Bulgaria are as follows: personal income taxes, value-added tax, withholding tax, corporate income tax, patent tax, taxes on acquisition of property for consideration, taxes on acquisition of property by gift, tourist tax, inheritance tax, vehicle tax, immovable property tax, tax on gambling activity, tax on public-financed enterprises’ income, tax on insurance premiums, tax on vessel operation activity, tax on expenses.

The accounting department available at the law firm makes us an invaluable advisor in tax cases, tax planning and defence in the event of unlawful actions of the tax administration!

In this respect, we offer the following services:

– Advice in the field of tax law

– Legal assistance in the event of tax inspections and assessments

– Tax advice in the event of concluding transactions and tax-efficient design of the transactions

– Appeal of tax assessment notices under the administrative procedure and by taking legal proceedings

– Defence and representation in tax litigation